BORED AT HOME by Caitlyn Gaurano

We are thrilled to launch our debut Flip The Script feature, a new project by Left Edit. The Behind The Lens series showcases emerging photographers, who “personally style” the creative direction of a shoot, and develop their own distinct theme. Watch, explore, enjoy and get inspired by our first featured photographer.

Photographer Caitlyn Gaurano • Theme BORED AT HOME Model Sulijah Learmont

“Today’s mantra was ‘Bored At Home’ so I went into Instagram and found a couple of photos that would fit that vibe of Left Edit - because they have really cool pieces - and I thought that maybe if she was lounging in the house and bored, the clothes would pop.”

“I feel like when I’m bored at home, that sparks more creativity. I guess I just thought of me in this photo shoot, playing around with clothes and accessories and just going around the house and being weird.”

“My style is comfortable, weird, playful.”



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