Throughout the design process, our strongest intention with Left Edit was to build clothes that women feel POWERFUL in — styles that help enhance their personal, inner powers. In this series, we connected with 5 women, to learn more from them about what makes them feel powerful, and to share their stories with you.


wearing the Isla + Wren

What is your passion?

“One of my passions is performing, and I love to perform and make people happy, and I love to change their lives through my performance, especially the type of performance I do which is social justice involving bullying and human trafficking. I also love to help other people find their passion.”

Can you share more on what makes you feel powerful or badass?

“What makes me feel powerful is self reflection, because then I’m able to grow and change and learn on my own. And then, if somebody tries to come in and take away your power - especially as a woman a lot of the times, you’re able to say- nope I know myself and you can’t really change that.”

Something that gets you motivated + inspired?

“Food. That’s literally what motivates me.”