Throughout the design process, our strongest intention with Left Edit was to build clothes that women feel POWERFUL in — styles that help enhance their personal, inner powers. In this series, we connected with 5 women, to learn more from them about what makes them feel powerful, and to share their stories with you.


wearing the Wren

What is your passion?

“My passion is people. I’ve always loved getting to know new people, and then connecting them with each other. It’s amazing how one introduction can lead to new friendships, new hobbies, new business opportunities, etc. It makes me genuinely happy to see good people get to know one another and build something awesome from it.”

Can you share more on what makes you feel powerful or badass?

“The things that I used to dislike about myself or that were used against me have now become my biggest strengths and my favorite traits."

Something that gets you motivated + inspired?

“I’m truly inspired by the kind, talented, kick ass friends I keep in my close circle. Those inspirations include: business owners who started their companies from nothing but passion and a small savings, front line military who are defending our freedom, loving parents and dedicated spouses, artists, professors, world travelers, humanitarians and creatives. I have an unbelievably inspiring group of people around me, each of whom I try to emulate pieces of in my daily life.”