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Throughout the design process, our strongest intention with Left Edit was to build clothes that women feel POWERFUL in — styles that help enhance their personal, inner powers. In this series, we connected with 5 women, to learn more from them about what makes them feel powerful, and to share their stories with you.


wearing the Eve + The Isla

What is your passion?

“My passion is connection. Connection with self, connection with others, connection with inspiration, connection with the divine and mysterious. I feel the most connected when I am submerged in nature’s beauty which is one of the reasons I am so in love with surfing and working with my hands to create tangible magic.”

Can you share more on what makes you feel powerful or badass?

“The ocean makes me feel powerful. Dancing with nature, I feel at one with the source and I feel very empowered, especially when I conquer some new waves. Just feeling the salt water on my skin and feeling the pure power of the water, it’s very exhilarating.”

Something that gets you motivated + inspired?

“What keeps me motivated is when I create a design that makes me feel good and powerful, and also one that makes me feel connected to my customers.”