Throughout the design process, our strongest intention with Left Edit was to build clothes that women feel POWERFUL in — styles that help enhance their personal, inner powers. In this series, we connected with 5 women, to learn more from them about what makes them feel powerful, and to share their stories with you.


wearing the Scarlet

What is your passion?

“I like feeling like a kid again and playing around with creative projects.”

Can you share more on what makes you feel powerful or badass?

“I’m an entrepreneur because I don’t want to work for other people - I want to work for me. It’s like taking control over my destiny rather than working for someone else and them choosing my destiny.”

Something that gets you motivated + inspired?

“If I’m burnt out, I have to take a break. I’ll think too hard so I’ll have to get away from creating for a while. And just really forget about it until I’m back on social media and then I intentionally start looking at different magazines I admire to get re-inspired.”