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The fashion space is constantly transforming — now more than ever, it’s important to develop long-term solutions. We’re making strides to lower our impact, find innovative solutions, and continue to challenge the system.

Asking questions is our vice. We do the heavy lifting so you don’t have to.




Throughout our supply chain, we save water, support the local community, pay living wages, and work to reduce waste. Learn more about our fabrics + sourcing below.





100% Cupro is used in the Vera style.

Cupro is made from reclaimed cotton linter bio-utility waste, by converting it through a closed loop process. Cotton linters are the short fibers that stick to the cotton seeds -- and are typically wasted during cotton production.



100% TENCEL is used in the Eve.

TENCEL lyocell is manufactured by converting dissolved wood pulp into a fiber, using a low-toxicity solvent. Through a closed-loop system, 99.5% of chemicals are then reused in this process. The wood pulp is derived from Eucalyptus trees, which grow quickly, using 80% less water than cotton. 

Tencel Linen.jpg


TENCEL Linen is used in the Isla + the Wren.

Linen is a sustainable fiber made from the flax plant. Typically grown without the use of herbicides or pesticides, flax is a gentle crop that even helps keep pesky weeds away from the plants around it. It also requires less water and energy to produce.



The Wren + the Vera are dyed locally in Los Angeles. Our dye house uses GOTS-certified dyes for lower impact processing.

The Isla, the Scarlet + the Eve are digitally printed in Los Angeles. While there’s always room for improvement in the printing world, digital options help reduce energy, water and ink usage.




Our buttons are made from Corozo nut, a seed from the Tagua Palm, and sourced from Panama. The nuts are harvested only when they ripen and fall from the trees, producing 30-50 lbs of nuts annually and living for approximately one hundred years.

Our zipper tapes are made using Repreve, which is comprised of 100% recycled REPREVE yarn, derived from recycled plastic bottles.

Our interlining (which goes in the inside of a collar or the waistband of a skirt) is made of 100% recycled polyester fiber.




Our shipping boxes are made of 100% post-consumer and post-industrial content, and made in the USA.

Our packaging tape is made from kraft paper, and can be recycled directly with your box at the end of use. It’s biodegradable and repulpable.

Our business cards are made from recycled tee shirts.




We're committed to using responsible factories that pay legal wages, ensure workplace safety, and prohibit unlawful labor and discrimination. We work with a design studio and production sewing space located along the Los Angeles river in Frog Town. Not only are they a women-led company, they also focus on partnering with brands working to reduce waste in the industry, and hold ethics at the core of their business. They employ a staff of primarily men and women over the age of 55 who, in this industry, are in threat of losing their jobs on account of age and slowing down a bit, even though the quality of their craftsmanship is often the best.